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How To Season A Bat

ec_main_acc, 03-Oct-2016
  • Apply Raw linseed oil to the face, edges of the bat evenly, While oiling take care not to over oil the bat.
  • Leave the bat horizontal and face up to dry for at least 24 hours.
  • Do not apply oil on bats with full protective tape on it.
  • Knocking of a cricket bat is very important as it increases the performance of the bat and also the life span of the bat.
  • Knocking of a bat should be done by using a wooden mallet.
  • Start by hitting the middle of the bat slowly. The edges & toe of the bat needs to be carefully handled as hitting hard on them may crack the willow. The back of the bat needn’t be knocked in as it is not part of the playing area.
  • After knocking the bat it his advisable to use it in the nets with older cricket ball for few days, after few days of knocking in apply the fibre tape on the face of the bat and start using the bat with newer ball.

Maintenance of a Cricket bat:

  • Check the bat regularly for any damages
  • In case of damage to the bat take immediate action.
  • Do not use the bat until the repair is carried out. It is important that the repairs are done by professional bat makers.
  • Do not keep the bat in very hot or wet areas.
  • Do not use cheap hard balls as they could damage the bat easily